Mary Sipp Green

Mary Sipp-Green

b. 1947

Mary Sipp-Green’s trademark skies, with their layers of color have a perception beyond the merely visible.  Sipp-Green excels at depicting the land around her.  It is not the tangible qualities that are highlighted in her paintings; it is the softly washed memories of a place.

“When I began painting, I painted things as I saw them” Mary explains, “very recognizable, very realistic…after eight years, I felt there was more to say about something than its surface reality…I wanted to get more from a painting, and I wanted to go deeper.  I was searching for a new direction.  This was about 1990.

“I was walking in a meadow, one I had walked in many times before.  It was a green field with a gray barn.  That particular day, the field turned golden, with the flowering goldenrod and in the light, the barn became purple.  From that experience I painted Dusk on Goldenrod, a painting I consider a transitional work.”

Mary’s father was an artist and had a studio in New York City where she drew and painted as a child.  She attended FIT (the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York) where she studied apparel design.  For years she had a clothing boutique in Greenwich Village.  Eventually she moved with her family to the Berkshires.  Mary said “I decided I wanted to paint…I wanted to see what my paintings would look like, and I knew that I would be most regretful if I did not get that chance.”

Mary Sipp-Green has always admired the late work of George Inness, the work of Albert Pinkham Ryder, James Whistler, and Rothko’s spirituality and the way he loosens an edge, and some of the Luminist painters.

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