Timeless Composition: Traditional + Contemporary

Timeless Composition

Group Exhibition

Findlay Galleries is pleased to present the Timeless Composition: Traditional + Contemporary. This exhibition comprises pairs of paintings from different periods and reveals the surprising way two works can share compositional elements despite no thematic similarity or relation.  

These timeless compositions invite the viewer to discern the similarities in form, scale, perspective, movement, balance, and color. Viewers can find pairings of works from artists such as Leonard Nelson and Mary Sipp Green, Tadashi Asoma and Henrik Simonsen, Robert Antoine Pinchon and Ronnie Landfield, and others. The exhibition seeks to illustrate common subjects painted in both representational and abstract manners. It also aims to demonstrate that works of art of different styles, periods, and subjects can, broadly speaking, share a similar composition.

James MuldoonTimeless Composition: Traditional + Contemporary