Tadashi Asoma – 2020 Retrospective Exhibition

Tadashi Asoma

2020 Retrospective

Findlay Galleries is proud to present a retrospective exhibition of paintings and works on paper by Tadashi Asoma. Born in 1923 in pre-war Japan, Asoma studied the arts at renowned academies and exhibited across the world, from his home country to Paris and New York.

After visiting the United States in the 1950s, Asoma returned to Japan. However, his affinity for contemporary American art drew him back. In 1961 he returned to New York, a city abundant with opportunity for a young artist. During these times, Asoma created his early American works, using bold, vivid colors to form puzzle-like compositions depicting the most intriguing natural moments.

Years later, Asoma settled with his family in a village called Garrison, outside New York. In this smaller rural village, Asoma was inspired to focus on painting nature. His work became more fluid and serene while retaining the same foundation that made his work so unique and desirable: luminous color, perfect composition, and masterful execution.

James MuldoonTadashi Asoma – 2020 Retrospective Exhibition