Summer Selections | Palm Beach & New York – Works on Paper

Summer Selections – Modern & Contemporary | Works on Paper

Group Exhibition

Findlay Galleries presents Summer Selections: Works on Paper on view at both our New York and Palm Beach GalleriesThis group exhibition includes important and recently acquired works on paper by a select few Findlay Galleries Artists: Byron Browne, Leonard Edmondson, John Ferren, David Finn, Gen Paul, Ward Jackson, Ronnie Landfield, Gordon Onslow-Ford, and Fritz Rauh.

Paper was one of the first mediums used by artists to express their creativity and vision and often affords the viewer a glimpse into the artist’s thoughts and experimental practices. We see many expressions of

art born from the initial process of a sketch. At the same time, we also have works on paper that encompass the complete process of art-making, not only a new concept but a finished work. Findlay Galleries’ collection of Works on Paper showcases a vital and unique artistic genre unlike any other. Often the result is small and intimate, allowing the viewer to engage with each piece personally. We invite you to view this carefully curated collection of works on Tuesday, August 3, that are not only historically significant but beautiful and inspiring.

Artists in Group Exhibition

Byron Browne
Leonard Edmondson
John Ferren
David Finn
Ward Jackson
Ronnie Landfield
Gordon Onslow Ford
Gen Paul
Fritz Rauh

James MuldoonSummer Selections | Palm Beach & New York – Works on Paper