Henrik simonsen NY 2023

Henrik Simonsen

Recent Works | New York Exhibition

Findlay Galleries presents an exhibition of new works from the Danish contemporary artist Henrik Simonsen. In this new body of work, Simonsen continues his exploration of time, memory, and the human experience as understood through his unique lens and remarkable talent conveyed through his exploration of highly detailed and often vividly colored plants and trees.

For Simonsen the visible process of creating is of great importance. He explains:

“What is very import to me when I work is the history of the piece. This is why I rarely attempt to erase anything completely on a canvas. I prefer to keep the drawing that I later abandoned, changed or worked over as a part of the finished piece. I feel this gives the painting a feel of having occupied a period in time because the layers allow the history of creation to be visible rather than reducing the piece to just an impenetrable surface.” – Henrik Simonsen

Henrik’s work is executed completely free hand.  Although his work sometimes gives the appearance of stenciling, this is merely the result of a master draftsman who is as talented with a brush as with a pencil.  Stencils would be stifling and deadening.  For Simonsen, each work is an organic creation, a mystery unfolding, the end result a revelation even to the artist himself.

James MuldoonHenrik simonsen NY 2023