Nicola Simbari – Mediterraneo

Nicola Simbari


Nicola Simbari is a phenomenon in the world of modern art. He was born in Calabria, Italy and his earliest paintings ensue scenes from his daily life, fishing villages, and the surrounding countryside. For more than fifty years, he soared from one artistic period to another. He defined himself as a representational artist who went through numerous painting styles, including Abstract Expressionism and Geometric Abstraction, yet resolutely remaining a figurative painter due to his alluring fascination with people. Initially, Simbari was mainly interested in the avant-garde movement. Later, he formed an admiration for Miró, Gauguin, Van Gogh, and de Staël, gradually beginning to tell a story with his paintings. Simbari then found himself free from influence and developed his signature style, now recognized as Simbaresco.

Always succeeding brilliantly, Simbari redefined the magic of color and form. Along the way, he took on his subjects as a panorama of everyday life. Sensuality becomes an overriding theme for Simbari, causing beauty and romance to reign supreme.

This exhibition explores the magical allure of the Mediterranean, which significantly impacted Simbari’s work. From the intense blues of the sky and water to the shimmering hues of the houses and expressive colors of the flowers around them, this enchanting atmosphere served as a springboard for Simbari’s innovative style of painting. His use of color and texture complimented his vision of the environment by allowing him to evoke the feeling of the sun’s rays on warm flesh and the soft touch of an ocean breeze.


James MuldoonNicola Simbari – Mediterraneo