Gaston Sebire – Les Fleurs Enormes

Gaston Sébire

Les Fleurs Énormes

Findlay Galleries is pleased to present the exhibition Les Fleurs Énormes, a selection of monumental floral paintings by renowned French Post-impressionist Gaston Sébire. Like fireworks, Sébire’s monumental floral paintings are at once beautiful and studied arrangements, as well as explosions of color into space. His work is a faithful representation of the moment, presenting the viewer with balanced compositions that carefully consider the principles of floral design. At the same time, the color and form of the arrangements spring forth from within their vessels.

These complex compositions appeal both to those seeking a more ‘contemporary’ aesthetic as well as those preferring more traditional styles. Such duality is made manifest through the scale of these works, which turn floral still-life compositions into dynamic and monumental paintings.

James MuldoonGaston Sebire – Les Fleurs Enormes