Gaston Sébire – The Normande Impressionist Master

Gaston Sébire

The Normande Impressionist Master

Celebrating The Artist’s 100th Anniversary

Findlay Galleries is pleased to present its exhibition Gaston Sebire- The Normande Impressionist Master“. An exhibition celebrating the Artist’s 100th Anniversary.

This exhibition showcases Sebire’s wide variety of works; boats, beaches, landscapes, seascapes, gardens, and bouquets. Each painting, a timeless masterpiece, reveals not only his revered ability as a painter but also shows another expression of his personality. He had an astounding ability to capture the essence of a particular moment with his magnificent eye and incomparable brushstroke — a composed and balanced en plein air master.

Learn more about Sebire and his work by viewing our online catalogue. For a more immersive experience, explore our virtual gallery environment.

James MuldoonGaston Sébire – The Normande Impressionist Master