Ptolemy Mann – Thresholds II

Ptolemy Mann

Thresholds II

After the great success of Ptolemy Mann’s debut Findlay Galleries exhibition in Palm Beach, we are pleased to present Thresholds II at our New York Gallery location. Findlay Galleries will showcase the British abstract artist’s new and recent woven textile works and abstract paintings. This exhibition also includes her new series of abstract expressionist paintings called When Did we Become so Afraid of Beauty, a series of works created on black Arches paper that explore our relationship to darkness and beauty. The combination of her bold brushstrokes and fluorescent palette over the dark chalky underlay transpires to create a unique sensuality – a shameless and dark kind of chromatic beauty.

Mann graduated from her formal artistic studies at Central Saint Martins and the Royal College of Art. Since 1992, she has been creating architectural and chromatic artworks for private, public, and corporate clients using her signature hand-dyed and woven technique. Her time-consuming and unique approach to creating her artworks has evolved in the past twenty years; she also creates large-scale acrylic and gouache paintings on Arches paper and canvas. Mann states, “In complete contrast to the exquisite slowness of the woven artworks, these paintings are punches of spontaneous, emotional color.” She expresses a deep sense of craftsmanship and precision and is heavily influenced by Abstract Expressionism and architecture, with the term “chromatic minimalism” being applied to her work.

Visit us at Findlay Galleries on the second floor at 32 East 57th Street, New York, to view Ptolemy Mann’s unique and stunning works, which exhibit a complimenting synergy, marrying the beauties of textural and tonal variance from muted gradations to fluorescent color fields.

James MuldoonPtolemy Mann – Thresholds II