Noah Landfield – Ephemeral Cities

Noah Landfield

Ephemeral Cities

Findlay Galleries is proud to present Ephemeral Cities, an exhibition of new and recent works from contemporary Abstract painter Noah Landfield.

Noah Landfield overlays architectural-like metropolitan renderings inspired by his visits to major cities and his reaction to the urban environment. He is intrigued by the possibility of visualizing energy and time in an artwork. In recent works, his approach has been more painterly and gestural, and his palette more vivid. He has also journeyed deeper into the meaning of his work, stating, “My paintings have a lot to do with these ideas of ephemerality: color, light, duration. I also depict images of cities and objects we might think to be permanent and solid but in fact are just as ephemeral as flesh and blood. In a way, I would like the work to speak to this totality of nature that we are all a part of.” 

These landscape-inspired works are not fully abstract; they encourage a representational interpretation of the narrative that plays out between the shapes, the colors, and the notational marks employed by the artist. The artist’s intention to base the themes in his compositions on the universal forces of creation, and destruction, is communicated obliquely by the discreet abstract shapes that define the surfaces of the paintings via their warm and cool hues. These forms make for the prevailing impact of the works while the notations play a subordinate role in the format.

– Mary Hrbacek, M Magazine.

Landfield received his MFA from City University, Hunter College in NYC. His work has been shown in numerous galleries throughout the United States, and since 2017 he has been represented exclusively by Findlay Galleries. In 2019, his works joined the collection of Memorial Sloan Kettering in NYC

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