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FOCUS: Ptolemy Mann

Throughout August and September, the exhibition will focus on each artist bi-weekly, providing visitors with an opportunity to delve into each painter’s theme, technique, and artistic voice. By comparing the works of these artists, viewers can gain a deeper understanding of their individual contributions to the contemporary art landscape.

This group exhibition is an engaging and insightful showcase of the diverse talent within the Findlay Galleries’ stable of artists. Whether you’re an art enthusiast or a casual observer, it’s an excellent opportunity to explore and appreciate the artistry of these contemporary painters.


FOCUS: Ptolemy Mann

British Contemporary artist Ptolemy Mann applies a unique approach to the creation of her artworks. Aesthetically, they reflect her full and deep understanding of the principles of the Bauhaus school as well as the nuances of color theory. The result is an intelligent yet sensitive approach to a process filled with detail and painstaking levels of craftsmanship. Her time-consuming and unique approach has evolved over a twenty-five-year period. Exquisite dynamics of color move across their fine surface, creating a painterly sweep. The term ‘Chromatic Minimalism’ has been applied to her work, and Abstract Expressionism and architecture heavily influence her. 

Mann has completed many site-specific art installations and has exhibited worldwide. She regularly lectures throughout the UK and abroad, writes for the magazine Selvedge, curates, and has received three grants from the Arts Council of England. Findlay Galleries is pleased to represent Ptolemy Mann exclusively throughout the USA.

“For a long time, I’ve been interested in two specific things: accidental colour and unconscious colour. It transpires that these two ideas; when filtered through the act of painting, reveal a surprising vivacity and capture a dynamic colourful moment…In complete contrast to the exquisite slowness of the woven artworks these pieces are large scale punches of spontaneous, emotional colour.

The synergy between the woven works and the paintings is striking – despite being opposites in their making process they share a surprising energy and connect to each other completely. Both techniques project light through colour and are steeped with intuitive colour theory investigations. It is the interaction between colours that makes this work sing; alongside complex tonality and saturation.” 

  – Ptolemy Mann, 2022



Ptolemy Mann – September 16

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