Charles Neal – en France

Charles Neal

en France

Findlay Galleries is proud to present en France, an exhibition of works by contemporary British impressionist Charles Neal. During his many visits to France, Neal has enjoyed painting its endless variety of environs. In the French capital, he found beauty in the pathways through the city gardens and the monumental architecture within them. He followed the Seine to the sea, visiting small towns and capturing the beauty that over a century ago inspired Monet, Sisley and Pissarro; at the end of his journey, he arrived at the beaches of Normandy and Brittany, where he captured evocative scenes of life by the sea.

 Charles Neal is a brilliant individual with a passion for history. He approaches a painting equipped with deep knowledge of the location’s past and present, its history, its raison d’être, prepared to see it from a perspective that captures the essence by going beyond the mere surface. He is thus able to gain an understanding of a place’s soul which then functions as a guide for the execution of the painting. In his own words, “An encounter with a place can be unique in terms of light, weather, events and the personal connective feel.” It is for this reason that by the time Neal’s brush touches the canvas, his hand is fully informed. He is both deliberate and free, a seemingly oxymoronic condition, but one that is clear to those who have the pleasure of admiring his work. 

 en France is a collection of paintings that evoke warm memories from the moments Charles Neal encountered during his time in France. His undeniable talent and his informed vision result in a body of work that reveals powerful feelings of joy and nostalgia. 

 We invite you to step into en France and visit the country through Charles Neal’s eyes and brush.

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