2023 One of a Kind

One of a Kind – A Collection of Naïf Art

Group Exhibition

Findlay Galleries is proud to present One of a Kind, an exhibition featuring paintings by Camille Bombois, Orville Bulman, Henri Maïk, Ljubomir Milinkov and Gustavo Novoa at our Palm Beach gallery.

While the first Naïf painters made an appearance in the 1600’s, the work of Henri Rousseau in the late 1800’s strongly influenced a future generation of artists who desired a primitive freshness in their work. The unfettered creativity that came with being self-taught defined the Naïf painter. As modern living reached all continents in the 20th century, the art world developed an affinity for the sophisticated simplicity of Naïf paintings, contrasting the graying and troubled world outside.

Beginning in 1931 with an exhibition at his Chicago gallery, Wally Findlay was the first US art dealer dedicated to developing and representing European Naïf painters. Findlay Galleries’ first selection of works by Rousseau and Bombois eventually expanded to include contemporary artists such as Maïk, Ollivary, and Novoa. This new group used the Naïf style of painting to create art outside traditional realms; objects, landscapes, and creatures exist in an everlasting Eden. While different from their predecessors, they remained true to the craftsmanship, manifest sense of composition, expressive use of color, and solid foundation of design typical of Naïf painters. Findlay Galleries is delighted to share their creativity with you in this exhibition.

James Muldoon2023 One of a Kind