Ptolemy Mann – Unconscious Color

Ptolemy Mann

Unconscious Color

In this exhibition, contemporary British artist Ptolemy Mann embarks on a deeper exploration of her fluid abstract forms and fluorescent palette. Building on her work with woven textile, Mann carries forward her interest in Abstract Expressionism, architecture, and color theory to large scale works on canvas and paper. She describes her process as “working with paint on canvas and paper on an ongoing series of ‘Unconscious Color Paintings’; trying to switch off that conscious, judgmental voice we all have inside and bring forth something altogether more lyrical and forgiving. After 25 years working as a hand weaver with all the technical restrictions the process entails, this immediacy has been a revelation.” In addition to international exhibitions, Mann has a multi-year installation at the Tate Modern and was the recipient of three grants from the Arts Council of England. Findlay Galleries is proud to present this refreshing exhibition as an exclusive representative of her work in the United States.

James MuldoonPtolemy Mann – Unconscious Color