Ronnie Landfield – Concurrence

Ronnie Landfield


Findlay Galleries is proud to announce the exhibition Ronnie Landfield – Concurrence at Findlay Galleries, New York. The exhibition showcases both new paintings and select integral Landfield works from the color field abstractionist, Ronnie Landfield. His work continues to develop with effortless sophistication, utilizing form, size, and color in a progressive yet retrospective way.

Ronnie Landfield was discovered in the mid-1960s by collector and architect Philip Johnson, who purchased many of his large works, donating some to important museums and keeping others for his private collection. Landfield exhibited at the Whitney Museum’s annual exhibitions in 1967 and 1969 and at the Whitney Biennial in 1973. By the early 1970s, Landfield became a pioneer of Lyrical Abstraction, exploring landscape as a subject, incorporating color with stain painting. In 2007, the Butler Institute of American Art mounted a retrospective of his work.

Today, Landfield’s work is in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Museum of Modern Art, the Whitney Museum of American Art, the Art Institute of Chicago, and other important public institutions. Findlay Galleries proudly represents Ronnie Landfield and his lyrical abstractions of which have become icons of the modernist Color field movement.

Learn more about Ronnie Landfield and his work by viewing our online catalogue. For a more immersive experience, explore our virtual gallery environment.

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