Isabelle de Ganay

Isabelle de Ganay

Printemps Exhibition

Isabelle de Ganay was born in Rouen in 1960. There she discovered the magic of the Normandy landscape that inspired the great names in Impressionism – Monet, Renoir and Sisley.

Art and nature very quickly occupied a predominant place in the life of young Isabelle, and when she was only 15 years old she was accepted to the famous Beaux-Arts in Rouen.

In 1976, Isabelle met Albert Malet, the last Impressionist painter of the School of Rouen. Malet had been a student of Robert Antoine Pinchon and he would become Isabelle’s mentor for the next ten years. Malet, who had always been aware of her gift as an artist, designated Isabelle as his successor. Upon his death in 1986, Isabelle assumed his position as Maïtre de l’École de Rouen.

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