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Belynda Henry

Harvesting the Valley

Belynda Henry

Belynda Henry was born in New South Wales, Australia, and studied sculpture and painting at Sydney College of the Arts. She first gained recognition as a leading landscape painter in Australia after being named a finalist for the Wynne Prize. Henry is now a multiple finalist of both the Wynne and Archibald Prizes, among other prestigious awards and more than 30 solo exhibitions. Her work has been shown alongside some of Australia’s most prominent and influential artists, including Fred Williams, Arthur Boyd, Jeffrey Smart, and Brett Whiteley. 

Henry lives and works deep within a long, lush valley with wild escarpments north of Sydney. Here, she is embedded in the landscape and exposed to its ways, witnessing the transitions of ever-changing light, texture, and soundscape. She absorbs all of this, along with her infinite fascination with the land, into her paintings. Henry’s works bring forth the internal meditative quality evoked by the landscape, illuminating these impressions in wondrous, imaginative paintings. 

Henry often sequesters herself for an intense period to bring together her rich body of fieldwork. In her paintings, she references the deep structure, shifting shapes and pure colors of the landscape through a meditative state rather than a literal one. Her process isn’t limited to painting – photographing the landscape, recording sounds, making small sketches, and painting on paper with watercolors, gouache and pastels are also part of her daily studio practice. After experiencing the landscape during daylight, she returns to her studio with sketches, notes, and an openness to imagery, allowing the works to form at night. Henry says her process allows her works to “imagine themselves, like a dream sequence,” taking us to the precipice of total abstraction yet masterfully holding the viewer with spare pieces of evidence caught within the work, innately fusing the classic and traditional techniques with the modern colors and textures that are her signature.

Henry’s work has been acquired by private collections in the United States, Japan, Switzerland, Taiwan, New Zealand, Ireland, Hong Kong, Greece, France, and England. Her work appeared in the acclaimed Thames & Hudson tome on Australian art, A Painted Landscape. Findlay Galleries is proud to present the works of contemporary Australian painter Belynda Henry and to welcome her to our stable of contemporary artists.

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