Priscilla Heine – Recent Works 2020

Recent Works

Priscilla Heine

Findlay Galleries is pleased to announce its exhibition Priscilla Heine – Recent Works

Heine grew up in New York City and instantly identified as an artist from a very early age. She attended The School of the Museum of Fine Arts at Tufts University, graduating with a Bachelor’s degree and a 5th-year diploma of art. She also engaged in many years of exploration and development, ranging from color field painting to years of autobiographical representational material and austere landscapes.

Heine’s approach is daring and intuitive. Her works are playful yet refined, and they command attention and intrigue. In this latest series, Heine’s varied compositional elements and techniques amalgamate to create delicately balanced, bold, and powerful organisms. Her organic, rich palette, coupled with her instinctive forms, absorb and engage the viewer.

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James MuldoonPriscilla Heine – Recent Works 2020