Gilles Gorriti & Paul Aïzpiri – Modern Disciples

Gilles Gorriti & Paul Aïzpiri

Modern Disciples

Findlay Galleries in Palm Beach is proud to present a collection of distinguished works by Paul Aizpiri and Gilles Gorriti. Aïzpiri belongs to a special category of ‘Mediterranean artists’, painters whose work seems to glow with the beauty of Southern Europe. Aïzpiri always painted from the heart, his passion for nature and families evident in his artworks. Bold brushstrokes and bright colored palettes brandished in his vibrant figurative paintings are symbolic of his joy and satisfaction in life. His works are painted poetry filled with a glow of love with such motifs as children, bicycles, airplanes, birds, fish, and the sun, flying over the skies of Paris, Saint Tropez, and Venice. 

When he wasn’t painting, Gilles Gorriti enjoyed dining on the vibrant flavors of Basque cuisine and playing the flamenco guitar. Like Aïzpiri, he also shared a passion for bold, vivid color. In fact, color was of the utmost importance to Gorriti, more so than the subject matter of his paintings. As a colorist, Gorriti was a virtuoso at using the full range of his palette. He created subtle, unobtrusive fragments of delicate tones alongside vibrantly orchestrated blocks of color. Gorriti conveyed emotion and tone through color and the quality of his brushwork which alongside the simplicity of his subjects evoked a powerful impression on the viewer.

James MuldoonGilles Gorriti & Paul Aïzpiri – Modern Disciples