Asia Week

Asia Week

Asia Week New York 2018

Having such a long history with Asian artists, including Vu Cao Dam and Le Pho, Findlay Galleries is very excited to be participating in Asia Week New York 2018 with our exhibition Art in the Age of Displacement, a collaboration with Robert Kuo. This exhibition will explore the careers, experiences, and crossovers of artists Chuang Che, Fu Shen, and Ming Chiao Kuo. In a period spanning 8+ decades and multiple art movements, from China to Taiwan and all the way to the United States, each artist plays with the classic idea of East meeting West in their own, personal way, creating fascinating stories and inspiring a tale of hope through creativity and self-expression. In addition to our exhibition, we are thrilled to be participating in a panel discussion with the three artists featured in the show. Occurring in March 2018, Asia Week New York is a collaboration of top-tier Asian art specialists, auction houses, museums and Asian cultural institutions. Since 2009, more than 40 dealers in New York present their stunning, museum-quality works in the ten-day celebration of Asian art throughout Manhattan. For more details, visit the event website.




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