Amanda C. Ross – An Exhibition of Ceramic Works

Amanda C. Ross

Contemporary Ceramicist

Findlay Galleries proudly presents a collection of classically beautiful ceramic works by contemporary ceramicist Amanda C. Ross. Ross’ intricate ceramic sculptures denote a nuanced and deep understanding of form and color. While some of her sculptures burst with the exuberant hues of nature, others show an absence of color, highlighting her delicate form and technique. Findlay Galleries invites you to view these works at our iconic Worth Avenue Gallery in Palm Beach.

“My clay sculptures replicate an artistic journey inspired by the precision of hyperrealistic still lifes created by the Dutch Masters to the abstractions of Arp and Brancusi. Both styles start with a block of clay, and the finished works embody the essential beauty of nature in their floral form.

The way seeds morph into things of beauty is an analogue to the creative process. My approach consists of arduous hand modeling techniques. I build these vessels using wheel and coiling techniques, then form and arrange each petal by hand. I then glaze the stoneware and sometimes introduce color using acrylics to transform the clay into an aesthetically pleasing and permanent object. The contrast between my work’s handmade, heavyweight permanency and the natural, impermanent featherweight fragility of flowers creates a unique tension in my works.

Just as every floral species is particular to itself, so is each of these works of art. In this case, the hand of the creator is invisible yet somehow palpable and personal, making each work of art unique. My work has universal appeal; whether you are an art historian or a casual viewer, I aim for my works to resonate uniquely with each viewer, promoting life and beauty in a permanent medium.”

– Amanda Ross, 2022

James MuldoonAmanda C. Ross – An Exhibition of Ceramic Works