Current Exhibitions

Palm Beach

Mediterranean Figures

Beltrán Bofill

Born in Badalona, a town North of Barcelona in 1934. Joan Beltrán Bofill was a true passionate Catalan. The Mediterranean sea was one of his first and long-lasting loves; in fact, the Mediterranean inspired him to paint, which eventually became his career. Bofill was a Spanish post-war Luminist, the finest of his generation. He was first introduced into the Findlay Galleries stable of artists in 1978 and has been a valued member of Findlay Galleries ever since.

Bofill and his paintings sit proudly alongside the Mediterranean Masters. His entire body of work stands out as authentic yet fervently original. His understanding and application of techniques from masters who preceded him gave Bofill a strong foundation that balanced against his innovative, radiant style. Along with his peers, Bofill has left us works full of movement, beauty, and life, pulsing with the complex rhythm of the Mediterranean tides themselves.

Bofill’s works are ethereal and romantic. He handles figures as though they were flowers, delicately painting all the colors that sunlight reveals on skin and fabric. He effortlessly blends tree roots into hemlines with brushstrokes fluid like the warm sea at dawn. Bofill insists on the connection between the natural world and humans, mirroring a vine’s curl in a woman’s red hair or the angle of a wild bloom in a hat’s brim. The soft colors of his scenes wrap themselves like gauzy veils around the figures depicted, joining them forever into the composition they become part of.

Regardless of the setting, Beltran Bofill’s paintings have an indescribable quality found in only dreams and memories. His paintings become vessels of time as they graciously allow the viewer to be fully immersed in the unique beauty of his vision.

Multiples and Master Prints

Various artists

Findlay Galleries is proud to present a collection of multiples and master prints from our modern masters and contemporary artists using various techniques such as lithographs, linocuts, and aquatints.

This collection celebrates a select few of Findlay’s acclaimed artists; Tadashi Asoma, Alexander Calder, Marc Chagall, Noe Canjura, Salvador Dali, Robert Indiana, Lee Krasner, Joan Miró, Henri Matisse, Henri Maik, Zvonimir Mihanovic, Pablo Picasso, Lê Phổ, James Rosenquist, Gaston Sébire, and Frank Stella.

Tadashi Asoma

2020 Retrospective

Findlay Galleries is proud to present a retrospective exhibition of paintings and works on paper by Tadashi Asoma. Born in 1923 in pre-war Japan, Asoma studied the arts at renowned academies and exhibited across the world, from his home country to Paris and New York.

After visiting the United States in the 1950s, Asoma returned to Japan. However, his affinity for contemporary American art drew him back. In 1961 he returned to New York, a city abundant with opportunity for a young artist. During these times, Asoma created his early American works, using bold, vivid colors to form puzzle-like compositions depicting the most intriguing natural moments.

Years later, Asoma settled with his family in a village called Garrison, outside New York. In this smaller rural village, Asoma was inspired to focus on painting nature. His work became more fluid and serene while retaining the same foundation that made his work so unique and desirable: luminous color, perfect composition, and masterful execution.

Isabelle de Ganay

Le maître impressionniste

Findlay Galleries proudly presents an exhibition of outstanding works from Isabelle de Ganay. She is undoubtedly one of the truest disciples of en plein air. She was born in Rouen in 1960 and studied at some of the most renowned schools in France such as L’École des Beaux-Arts in Paris.

When Isabelle creates one of her masterpieces, she fully immerses her senses within the moment and time of the painting. She embraces the fluctuations in the surrounding atmosphere and transfers the feeling of that present moment, in it’s truest form, to a brushstroke on the canvas before her.

A canvas from Isabelle is vibrating with warm, thrilling colors and brushstrokes that feel like they are constantly in motion. With all artistic elements considered, a viewer is left with a rich and enchanting painting, an underlying lucidity, displaying the most intriguing environs.

Gilles Gorriti & Paul Aïzpiri

Modern Disciples

Findlay Galleries in Palm Beach is proud to present a collection of distinguished works by Paul Aizpiri and Gilles Gorriti. Aïzpiri belongs to a special category of ‘Mediterranean artists’, painters whose work seems to glow with the beauty of Southern Europe. Aïzpiri always painted from the heart, his passion for nature and families evident in his artworks. Bold brushstrokes and bright colored palettes brandished in his vibrant figurative paintings are symbolic of his joy and satisfaction in life. His works are painted poetry filled with a glow of love with such motifs as children, bicycles, airplanes, birds, fish, and the sun, flying over the skies of Paris, Saint Tropez, and Venice. 

When he wasn’t painting, Gilles Gorriti enjoyed dining on the vibrant flavors of Basque cuisine and playing the flamenco guitar. Like Aïzpiri, he also shared a passion for bold, vivid color. In fact, color was of the utmost importance to Gorriti, more so than the subject matter of his paintings. As a colorist, Gorriti was a virtuoso at using the full range of his palette. He created subtle, unobtrusive fragments of delicate tones alongside vibrantly orchestrated blocks of color. Gorriti conveyed emotion and tone through color and the quality of his brushwork which alongside the simplicity of his subjects evoked a powerful impression on the viewer.

New York

The Summer Survey

A Collection of Contemporaries

Findlay Galleries proudly presents an exhibition of contemporary artists displaying a wide breadth of formats, mediums, and styles. From Mary Sipp Green’s serene and vibrant landscapes to Ronnie Landfield’s expressive color field abstractions, from Michael Dunbar’s meticulous sculptures to Dimitry Gerrman’s emotion-filled bronzes and marble works; this carefully selected and diverse group is sure to include the perfect work of art for your collection.

American Abstractionists

New York

Findlay Galleries is pleased to present a curated selection of abstract works from our esteemed collection of American Abstractionists represented by our galleries in Palm Beach and New York. This roster of American Abstractionists has expanded impressively in recent years as we have proven our success in this market. This survey exhibition features artists from the early 20th Century Modern Abstractionists to the current Contemporary Abstractionists of today. A group, collective and unified, yet diverse in style and medium.

This collection enables the viewer and collector to discern the likeness, differences, and influences between abstract artists of various times and places. The exhibition includes Simeon Braguin, Byron Browne, John Ferren, Ward Jackson, Ronnie Landfield, Frank Lobdell, Leonard Nelson, and Jack Wright.

Ronnie Landfield

50th Anniversary Exhibition

Findlay Galleries is pleased announce Ronnie Landfield’s 50th Anniversary Exhibition.

In 1969, Lyrical Abstractionist Ronnie Landfield mounted his first solo exhibition at The David Whitney Gallery in SoHo.  Findlay Galleries, Landfield’s exclusive representative since 2016, is pleased to celebrate this anniversary with a collection of recent work and never exhibited monumental works from throughout his career.

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