Current Exhibitions

Palm Beach

Ronnie Landfield

Recent Works

Findlay Galleries is proud to present our January Palm Beach exhibition featuring a collection of recent paintings by American Color Field master, Ronnie Landfield.

Ronnie Landfield’s new 2018 recent work falls within the American Post-war Color Field movement often called “lyrical abstraction”.  Although his abstract paintings are in the truest sense of the word, Landfield often uses broad stripes of color arranged in compositions that recall the beauty of nature’s vistas. From sunsets and sunrises to mountains and the sea, each of Landfield’s works has a poetic message that lifts one’s spirit.

The artist exclaims, “They are depictions of intuitive expressions using color as language, and the landscape (God’s earth) as a metaphor for the arena of life.”

Dimitry Gerrman & Gen Paul

Motion & Expression: 1916 through today

A collection of Bronze and Marble sculptures by contemporary Artist Dimitry Gerrman are on view along with works on paper by French Expressionist Gen Paul whose unique vision made Willem De Kooning declare him the ‘original action painter’. Their shared talent lies in their ability to create works that include stylized and simplified figures in deliberate motion. Their simple and linear figures retain their humanity, have nuanced postures and emotions, move with direction and purpose or rest with the entire weight of their existence present for the viewer to comprehend and connect.

Lluis Ribas


Ribas is one of the best-known luministas of contemporary Spanish art. His profound knowledge of the secrets of light, shade, and opaqueness are present throughout his work. His female forms are classics – brilliantly executed and exquisitely drawn. His palette contains a wide range of colors which give his paintings their great beauty.

Nicola Simbari

Summer Exhibition

Findlay Galleries in Palm Beach is delighted to present a collection of paintings by renowned Italian palette knife master, Nicola Simbari. Simbari’s works are bursting with color and emotion, exuberance and immediacy. He built his canvases with the impasto of angles and contrasts from the beauty and excitement in simple moments, mere objects, and even fleeting patterns of light that most would bypass as ordinary. Nicola Simbari’s Exhibition is now on view at our Palm Beach Worth Avenue Gallery.

New York

Between the Dawn

The Fire in Yellow

Findlay Galleries is proud to present a collection of Yellow works carefully curated from our estates and private collection. Between the Dawn illuminates the visual poetry and divinity found in paintings completed in a predominantly yellow palette. From Le Pho to Landfield, a great many canvases from our stable of artists have made expressive and impressive use of the color.

Each painting in this exhibition is a venture in creativity and courage, meant to inspire and light a fire within the viewer. Painting is challenging work, and to put one’s ideas forth so boldly with what many would consider the most primary color is certainly noteworthy. We hope these luminous beings will arouse and inspire.

Naïve & Modern Primitives

New York Exhibition

Findlay Galleries is proud to present our December New York exhibition, Naïve and Modern Primitive Painters, featuring works by gallery artists Henri Maik, Camille Bombois, Annette Ollivary, Gustavo Novoa, and Orville Bulman amongst others. Since wall paintings revealed animals and fauna in the prehistoric caves of Lascaux, the spirit of Naïve painting has existed. Ages later, in 1885, French pointillist painter Paul Signac became aware of the talents of Henri Rousseau and helped the artist exhibit his paintings throughout Paris. Rousseau’s seminal works influenced a future generation of artists who desired a primitive freshness in their work. As modern living reached all continents in the 20th century, the world found there was no better remedy to combat the outside world than the childlike simplicity of the Naïve painters. Findlay Galleries has valued and presented the work of Modern Naïve painters since Walstein C. Findlay Jr. (Wally) expanded the company with his first Chicago location in 1931. The original selection of works by Rousseau and Bombois eventually expanded to include contemporary artists such as Maik, Novoa and Ollivary, among others. This new group used the naïve style of painting as a means to create art outside traditional realms. Objects, landscapes and creatures exist in an everlasting Eden. Paintings are often dreamscapes, the terrain lush with fields of simple flowers, exotic trees, rare birds and the beasts of the jungle. The subjects evoke the initial expression of “primitive” or “naïve” but every line, every stroke of the brush, exhibits true craftsmanship through a manifest sense of composition, expressive use of color, and solid foundation of design.

Ecole Normande New York

French Painters of the 19th and 20th Century

Findlay Galleries New York presents an extensive exhibition of works by artists from the Schools of Rouen and Normandy.  The term School of Normandy was first used in 1969 to link the specific School of Rouen artists who painted not just in Normandy’s capital of Rouen but in the surrounding areas such as Vétheuil, Rolleboise, Giverny, Les Andelys and the famous beaches of Deauville and Trouville. The painters of School of Normandy explored many of the artistic movements of their time. They prized artistic independence and individuality, inspiring each other to adopt new styles such as Fauvism, Cubism, and Neo-impressionism.

Findlay Galleries is an international leader in representing the artists of the School of Rouen and the School of Normandy. The exhibition will include works by Impressionists Camille Pissarro and Eugène Boudin,  School of Rouen painters Albert Lebourg, Alfred Dunet, Robert Antoine Pinchon and Pierre Dumont, as well as artists who have continued the Rouen influence into current times, including Albert Malet, Gaston Sébire and Isabelle de Ganay.

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