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Palm Beach

Summer Selections

Works on Paper

Findlay Galleries presents the second installment of Summer Selections with our Works on Paper series on view at our Palm Beach Gallery. This exhibition includes a carefully coordinated and diverse selection of works from our vast collection of works on paper by artists such as Henri Matisse, Joan Miro, Alexander Calder, Marc Chagall and others. Visit or view this exhibition online to discover the works on paper that provide the foundation for the artists’ styles we treasure today.

Paper was one of the first mediums used by artists to express their creativity and vision and often affords the viewer a glimpse into the artist’s thoughts and experimental practices. We see many expressions of art born from the initial process of a sketch. At the same time, we also have works on paper that encompass the complete process of artmaking, not only a new concept but a finished work. Findlay Galleries’ collection of Works on Paper showcases a vital and unique artistic genre unlike any other. Often the result is small and intimate, allowing the viewer to engage with each piece personally. We invite you to view this carefully curated collection of works that are not only historically significant but beautiful and inspiring.

Summer Selections

Contemporary Artists and Estates

Findlay Galleries is pleased to present this year’s highly anticipated first installment of Summer Selections, an exhibition of works from our stable of artist estates and contemporary artists, displaying a wide breadth of paintings in various formats and styles. 

From en plein air artist Isabelle de Ganay’s vibrant colors and rhythmic brushstrokes to Ward Jackson’s carefully composed hard-edge paintings, the variety presented within this exhibition provides our collectors the perfect opportunity to explore new ideas and accomplish new visions for their homes. We invite you to enjoy these works and explore the entire exhibition in person at our Palm Beach location or online on our website.

Constantin Kluge

A Master Painter of Paris

Though born in Riga, Latvia, in 1912, Constantin Kluge grew up in China, spending his adolescent years in Shanghai, where his family was forced to migrate during the Bolshevik Revolution. There, among his studies of Mandarin and the art of calligraphy, Kluge found excitement in visual art as an active member of the Shanghai Art Club. As a young adult, his parents urged him to study something more practical than fine art. Kluge found a compromise in architecture, but it was ultimately his exceptional drawing skill that secured his place at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts as a student of Architecture in 1931. In 1937, he graduated with the title of French Government Architect. His passion for the city of lights grew exponentially during his time there. Kluge was so profoundly moved and deeply in love with the city that he remained for several months after completing his studies. He stayed to paint views of Paris in oils, purely to portray and preserve the scenes he cherished so much.

Kluge returned to China and practiced architecture in Shanghai. After persuasion from friends, he began exhibiting his paintings, which reared great success, to Kluge’s surprise. However, his painting career paused during World War II. Beginning in 1950, Kluge worked as an architect in Hong Kong. Supported fervently by friends and urged by his heart, he returned to his dear Paris due to rumors of the Communist invasion. Unsurprisingly, as an already mature and successful painter, in 1951, Kluge won an award at the Paris Salon. After, he frequently exhibited in the Salon shows, which proved to be his gateway to ever-increasing public attention. Kluge then also became a member of the Sociéte des Artistes Francais and received the Médaille d’Argent and the special Raymond Perreau prize given by the Salon’s Taylor Foundation.

By the late 1950s, Kluge’s paintings caught the eye of the world-renowned art dealer Wally Findlay, Jr., who immediately presented Kluge’s Parisian paintings to the American market and consolidated his stature in Europe. He launched his career in the 1961 with exhibitions in all Findlay Galleries locations. In 1990, after many critically successful years, French president François Mitterand awarded Kluge the highest French order of merit for military and civil merits, Chevalier de la Légion D’Honneur. Throughout the nineties Kluge continued to paint Paris’s poetic landscapes until his passing in 2003.

After more than 60 years of representation, Findlay Galleries has exhibited Kluge’s work in Chicago, Palm Beach, New York, Paris, Beverly Hills, Tokyo, East Hampton, London, Monte Carlo and Barcelona. Today, Kluge’s estate is still exclusively represented by Findlay Galleries and his works are a highlight of the gallery’s roster of highly valued artists.

Findlay Galleries began representing the works of Constantin Kluge in 1961 and exhibited his works in Chicago, Palm Beach, New York, Paris, Beverly Hills, Tokyo, East Hampton, London, Monte Carlo and Barcelona. Today, Findlay Galleries represents the artist’s entire estate internationally.

New York

Summer Selections

New York

Findlay Galleries presents Summer Selections, an exhibition on view at our New York gallery featuring works from our stable of contemporary artists and estates artist displaying a wide breadth of paintings in various formats, mediums and styles. From Hugo Grenville’s contemporary figures and landscapes bathed in light and pattern to John Ferren’s explosive use of color and form. The variety in this exhibition provides collectors with the perfect opportunity to explore our collections and discover new artists and their works.

Simeon Braguin

All on White

Simeon Braguin (1907 – 1997), a Ukrainian-born American artist and illustrator, had a varied career that spanned over six decades. His professions ranged from aerial photographer for the Office of Strategic Services during WWII to Art Director at Vogue Magazine. Braguin was also an avid art collector, philanthropist and a great friend to Andy Warhol. 

The exhibition All on White focuses on Braguin’s works from the 1970s, which served as the genesis of his quintessential style. It was not until this time that Simeon Braguin found his passion for abstract painting, which would become his primary focus during the last three decades of his life. 

Shortly after acquiring a summer home in Essex, Connecticut, in the late 1960s, Braguin became engrossed by his love of sailing and painting. He was often found racing his Blue Jay at the Pettipaugh Yacht Club. His love of sailing is reflected in the airy lightness of the paintings he created while in Essex, with their notable blues and greens reminiscent of the cerulean skies and verdant surrounding nature. During this time, he would go on to evolve his own highly poetic brand of abstraction. 

During a debut solo exhibition of these new paintings at the Poindexter Gallery in New York in 1971, a critic for Arts Magazine described his paintings as “powerful in their understatement and wonderful in their evocations.” For the last two decades, Findlay Galleries has proudly represented the artistic legacy of Simeon Braguin as his art continues to engage art lovers worldwide with its beauty and elegance.

Approaching Modernity

Works from Impressionism to Early Modernism

On View at Findlay Galleries is a special presentation of late nineteenth and early twentieth century masterworks by Georges Braque, Childe Hassam, Albert Lebourg, Henri Matisse and others. The selection displayed demonstrates various artistic explorations of landscape and human form through a dynamic interplay of labor and leisure.

These artists’ works… offer a wide gamut of immediate expressions of modern life, and stem from a selection of an unwavering artistic exploration of form. The second half of the nineteenth century became notorious for the historical rejection by avant-garde artists of the secular and time-honored academic traditions.

– Joachim Pissarro, Modern Drawing: Work & Play, 2019 


Artist Included in Exhibition

Georges Braque
Kees van Dongen
Jean Dufy
Othon Friesz
William J. Glackens
Childe Hassam
Albert Lebourg
Andre Lhote
Jean Metzinger
Henri Matisse
Pierre Eugene Montezin
Camille Pissarro
Maurice Prendergast
Maurice de Vlaminck
Edouard Vuillard

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