Current Exhibitions

Palm Beach

Nicola Simbari

Summer Exhibition

Findlay Galleries in Palm Beach is delighted to present a collection of paintings by renowned Italian palette knife master, Nicola Simbari. Simbari’s works are bursting with color and emotion, exuberance and immediacy. He built his canvases with the impasto of angles and contrasts from the beauty and excitement in simple moments, mere objects, and even fleeting patterns of light that most would bypass as ordinary. Nicola Simbari’s Exhibition is now on view at our Palm Beach Worth Avenue Gallery.

Gilles Gorriti

Le petit journal

Findlay Galleries is proud to introduce Gilles Gorriti Exhibition ” Le petit journal”. This exhibition features new arrivals from the French Modernist Painter, a true colorist, a virtuoso in using the full range of his palette, a master of mixed media. “Le petit journal” will be on view at Palm Beach through May.

George Nemethy

Sail Away 20th Year Exhibition

Sailors, curators and collectors worldwide have followed George Nemethy from country to seaport, all in the hopes of collecting his most recent “colors” of the sea.  Nemethy’s paintings represent a marriage between a blissful state of mind and the highest level of craftsmanship and precision one can imbue in a miniature painting. 

Charles Neal

Art & Place

Every place or parcel of land has a history; an evolutionary tract, to arrive at its present form as we experience it today which then becomes our heritage. Some locations seem to be of no real significance in our time, yet often should we delve into the history of a place we can be surprised at the past importance in terms of events, ownership and social significance of the period. Charles Neal Art & Place Exhibition of his new works are now on view at our Palm Beach Gallery.  

New York

Charles Neal

Blenheim Palace New York

‘Blenheim Palace in New York’ is a continuation of the first exhibition held at Findlay Galleries Palm Beach Gallery in 2016, entitled ‘The Unfolding of a Vision’ which featured a collection of paintings capturing the essence and historical significance of what has become such an iconic symbol of English sensibilities. The collection of paintings in this exhibition captures the grandeur of the Palace and Parkland at Blenheim. This only became possible through the fusion of American and English perspectives. Blenheim Palace Exhibition will be on view June 7th in our New York Gallery

Mary Sipp Green

Martha’s Vineyard

Mary Sipp Green trademark style has now created a collection of works inspired by alluring and memorable of her life in Martha’s Vineyard. The towns of Vineyard Haven, to the rolling farmlands of Chilmark, moments that are now captured in color-dazzled jewels of art. New York Gallery Exhibition of Mary Sipp Green’s works is now on view.

Priscilla Heine

Engaging the Sublime

Priscilla Heine has engaged in many years of exploration and development ranging from color field painting and years of autobiographical representational material, to austere landscapes and symbolic compositions inspired by a balance of internal and external landscapes. Engaging the Sublime exhibition is now on view.

Ronnie Landfield Dual Exhibition New York

Recent Works

Findlay Galleries is delighted to present the latest collection from renowned American Color-Field painter, Ronnie Landfield. This dual gallery solo exhibition features colorful and expansive visions at the Worth Avenue gallery in Palm Beach, while a selection of deep and mysterious works is presented at the beautiful and expansive Fifth Avenue location in New York.

20th Century Masters

Gallery Collection on View

Masters’ collection offers a cross-section of highlights from our collection including recent acquisitions of Impressionist and Modern Masters. The Galleries’ global position in the art market for nearly 148 years has distiguised it as a leader in providing unique opportunities for collectors.

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