Gilles Gorriti & Paul Aïzpiri – Modern Disciples

Gilles Gorriti & Paul Aïzpiri

Modern Disciples

Findlay Galleries is proud to feature Paul Aïzpiri and Gilles Gorriti, father and son, in a joint exhibition at Findlay’s iconic Worth Avenue gallery in Palm Beach. Both Aïzpiri and Gorriti are renowned globally, with careers spanning over 120 years combined. Their works have the use of vivid color and moving patterns and are rich in emotion, yet each artist’s flavor and style is distinctive and authentic. Gorriti reveals beauty in our ordinary surroundings or in a moment by the Mediterranean sea and encourages the viewer to question and explore his modern technique. Aïzpiri paints his joy and satisfaction in life by depicting figures, marinas, and the vibrant architecture of his beloved environs in bold color with unique brushwork.

Natalee BruceGilles Gorriti & Paul Aïzpiri – Modern Disciples