Contemporary Group Exhibition

Contemporary Group Exhibition

Findlay Galleries New York is pleased to present a Contemporary Group Exhibition featuring Priscilla Heine, Henrik Simonsen, and Noah Landfield.

Each artist has captured the environment and added exuberant pops of color and fluid expression, all while staying true to their own unique style and character of painting.  Masters of juxtaposition and color they leave us with the emotions of the of the urban or natural space they represent.

Priscilla Heine has been aware of the essential need for drawing and painting since she was very young.  Heine draws on her many experiences to provide the light and context of her paintings giving her a range of formal abstraction and intimate references.

Henrik Simonsen’s work represents a subtle evolution of form that meets an ever-developing function as a guide to the experiences along a path of existence.  Echoing the nature of his subject matter, his painting represents growth and life.

Noah Landfield, the son of painter Ronnie Landfield, is well versed in the voice of the city and metropolitan life.  This is evident in his canvases filled with impressionistic overlays of architecture and explosions of dramatic color.  We are left with the tension between the man-made setting and forces of nature.

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