Jack Wright

Jack Wright

1919 – 2003

John (Jack) Wright (1919 – 2003) was an abstract painter whose internationally recognized work was largely influenced by dreams and images from the unconscious. Mr. Wright was a member of an acclaimed group of post-surrealistic abstract expressionists in Northern California, including Gordon Onslow Ford.

“In the paintings of John Wright mysterious forms float majestically through vast fields of color. A curiously sensuous and satisfying amalgam of the geometric and organic, these forms behave as if subject to slow-moving but potent directional forces; forces that stimulate surprising permutations in color and contour as the shapes connect, intersect, and pull apart while traversing the picture plane. Contradictorily placid yet hinting of intense drama, they create an aura of disquieting beauty and cosmic power.

Wright’s most reductive unit of expression is a simple dot, which he uses as a basis for endless formal invention. Most often the dots are arranged so as to coagulate in shapes with relatively distinct borders, though subtle spatial variations and minute shifts in hue contribute to a sense of interior flow and transition. At other times they are strung out individually to create thin threads of undulating color; still at others they are gathered together in a dense mass of energy, which gradually disperses as they radiate from a focal point.

Wright’s work remains uniquely his own, an oeuvre of disarming subtleties and stunning beauty. ”

—Ross Anderson, Director, Montgomery Museum of Fine Art

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