Priscilla Heine

Priscilla Heine

b. 1956

Born in 1956, Priscilla Heine grew up in New York City. Aware from a very early age that painting and drawing were essential to her identity, she continually sought training through her formative years. Priscilla graduated from Tufts University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in 1979 and was awarded a five-year diploma from the Museum School of Boston in the same year.

Heine has spent many summers on the Mediterranean as well as painting the rural landscape of Northern Vermont, where she maintains a studio. These experiences, combined with ten years of living on New York’s Lower East side, have provided the light and context for the psychological tensions that surface in her paintings. Priscilla Heine has engaged in many years of exploration and development ranging from color field painting to years of autobiographical representational material to austere landscapes and symbolic compositions inspired by a balance of internal and external landscapes. The elements of her drawing and painting combine to create a formal abstraction while allowing intimate references to weaving in and out of layered paint. Since 1992, Priscilla Heine has lived with her husband Christian Majcherski and their two children Tomas and Alejo in East Hampton, New York. She has been exhibiting her work since 1981.

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