Adrian Rigby

Adrian Rigby

b. 1962

From a very early age Adrian Rigby was a keen artist and amateur naturalist, but it was not until leaving college that he was able to link the two together and make it his career.

Born in Lancashire, England in 1962, Adrian was raised among the wood and moorland landscapes he loves so much.  After studying at the Blackpool College of Art he became a commercial artist, but whenever possible he painted sailboats, because of his love of sailing, as well as plants and animals he is so fond of.

Because of the swift response to his work Adrian Rigby is now able to paint marine and wildlife paintings full-time and is constantly pursuing higher standards of realism and accuracy.  To achieve this he spends a great deal of time in the field collecting, observing and noting nature in all its moods and seasons.

Since his first exhibition, his reputation has steadily grown with his work reaching an ever-widening audience. Adrian Rigby is a regular exhibitor and award winner at the leading wildlife art societies. And he remains dedicated to the wonders of marine art.

Rigby’s knowledge and understanding of his subject is comprehensive and he is particularly careful to ensure that the boats and sea he paints are all depicted observing their natural behavior in the correct environment.  To achieve this to his own exacting standards he will spend much of his time researching and observing the seas.  The result is a painting that satisfies him from both the artistic standpoint as well as that of the sailor and one that finds favor with his collectors throughout Europe and the United States.

His love of sailboat racing inspired Adrian Rigby to create a remarkable collection of marine paintings including the Breton Reef Challenge Cup, 1893 and the America’s Cup Race, 1893.

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