Tadashi Asoma

Tadashi Asoma

1923 – 2017

Tadashi Asoma was born in Japan in 1923.  His career was sparked when, in 1958, the Japanese government awarded him a scholarship to study painting in Paris. After Paris, Asoma visited the United States and became fascinated with the current American style of painting. He eventually moved to New York, near the East Village, where he studied and worked for three years. To support his family Asoma worked at night in a restaurant, while he spent his days studying, painting, and working with the Art Student’s League. Asoma did return to Japan for a period of time, however, he moved to New York permanently in 1961.

The seventies proved to be an emotional time for Asoma, providing him with inspiration for his works. He moved to a small village, Garrison, outside of the city where he was able to connect with nature. His insatiable curiosity for color allowed his paintings to reveal a remarkably adept portrayal of the changes of the seasons.  Sudden bursts of pure, brilliant color with splendid differences of touch and tone, exemplify his natural originality and closeness with nature.  Luminous palettes define his works, while lightly feathered textures translate admirably to the glory and jubilant majesty of nature.

Asoma has participated in one-man and group exhibitions throughout the world, including New York, San Francisco, Tokyo, Switzerland and Germany. His work is included in many public and corporate collections.

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