Rene Sautin

Rene Sautin

1881 – 1968

Rene Sautin, born in Monfort-sur-Risle in 1881.  He entered the Ecole Beaux Arts, Rouen, studying painting under P. Zacharie. Then in Paris he studied at the Ferrier Studio, where he learned from Albert Lebourg, who was born in the same village.  He entered Le Salon des Independants with Signac and Luce.

He was married in 1910 to Marthe, they settled in Andelys in 1911, making friends with the  Pissarro sons (Lucien and Paulemile), Signac, Luce, Derain, Guillaumin, Lebasque, Bigot, Ge-nez came back to Andelys to paint the Seine riverbanks.

Born from his Normandie earth, Rene Sautin was essentially a landscape artist.  Around 1923 he left the impressionist fold, for fauvism, calmly with thought.

The painter found equilibrium in the smallest of expressions from 1925, and waited for the feeling of totality in the 1950s.  He is one of the —- artists from Normandie who composed his landscapes in such a personal way, yet strong, and a certain violence in dominating himself, and his will.  A strong sensitivity.

A proud man, distinguished, very cultural, he suffered much, to have not been understood in his time, and he regretted that isolation.  “My life was often hard and difficult.”

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