Pierre Letellier

Pierre Letellier

1928 – 2000

Born in Caen in the North of France in 1928, Pierre Letellier received his artistic education in his home town where his first exhibition was held in 1957. A few years later Letellier was honored  with a prestigious
exhibition at the Salon des Independants in Paris.

Letellier held several more successful exhibitions in Paris before he began to exhibit regularly in New York, Caracas, London, Tokyo and Brussels.  In 1992, he was nationally honored with an extensive exhibition in De Bonnard à Baselitz at the national library in Paris.

Pierre Letellier worked in different mediums complementing many different subjects. He composed tapestries for Aubusson, stained glass windows for the churches of Calvados, as well as illustrating a number of books for authors including Maurice Genevoix, John Giono  and Joseph Kessel.

However, Pierre’s preference was always to paint, whether they be marine scenes, his sensational still lifes or his alluring female nudes. The France-Soir said of Letellier¹s 1983 exhibition, “This exhibition was born without missing a beat.  Included are rare paintings, figurative in form and gliding with poetry and grace. Letellier knows with instinct what is exceptional in an attitude, a gesture, a look.  That is where the authenticity of a portrait, the grace, or the elegance and the freshness of the composition of flowers in a still life.  His traits are very sharp, precise, and with the economy of movement: which stabilizes in him the most of color.” – Bertrand Duplessis, Art Critic.

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