Pierre Hodé

Pierre Hodé

1889 – 1942

Pierre Hodé was born on January 3, 1889 in Rouen.

Beginning to paint with 14 years of age, he exhibit very young at the Société Normande de Peinture Moderne, at the side of Pierre Dumont, La Fresnay, Marcel Duchamp, Jacques Villon and, one year later, will take an active role in this organization.

Settled in Paris in 1915, he will be companion of atelier of Picasso at the Bateau-Lavoir. After the war, he will divide his time between Paris and Normandy, and will die in 1942 after a long disease.

In the work of Pierre Hodé we can distinguish three essential periods.

The period of formation inspired by the post-impressionism and the Fauvism.

His cubist period at the time of his stay at the Bateau-Lavoir where the influence of great Masters such as Picasso and Juan Gris is obvious without being an imitation.

The last period, from 1921, where the artist having synthesized his various pictorial attempts, will tend to purify and will keep only the essential, without losing himself in the intellectual correctness of the elements of a dislocated reality.

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