Narcisse Guilbert

Narcisse Guilbert

1878 – 1942

It was at Bouville, on the 12 of June 1878, which was born Narcisse Guilbert, from a very modest family.

The young Narcisse enters with 17 years of age at École des Beaux-Arts of Rouen, and later at the Free Academy of Delattre. He will frequently return to paint on the same spots where Delattre taught him.

In 1910, he stays in Brittany, makes some incursions to Paris and it is on the Norman beaches, in particular in Etretat, that he will paint around 1920 his most beautiful marine landscapes.

In 1920, at Rue Marboeuf, took place the only exhibition realized in Paris before the one organized in 1969 by the Galerie Watteau. Narcisse Guilbert is undoubtedly one of the most gifted landscape painters of Rouen by his acute sense of light, the beauty of his colors and his very great sensitivity.

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