Abel Lauvray

Abel Lauvray

1870 – 1950

Born in Rennes, France as Louis Alphonse Abel Lauvray on November 21, 1870. His family fled Vetheuil for the town of Rennes, but returned after the armistice.

Vetheuil, a remarkably beautiful primary residence for Lauvray, is located in the large valley of Mantios  This area, known for its tranquil beauty, was home to many prominent painter including Lebourge, Luce, and of course, the illustrious Claude Monet.

In 1897, Abel Lauvray lived a very short distance from Claude Monet and he assisted Monet financially when Monet was poverty stricken during his early painting years.  They often shared the beauty of the banks of the River Seine and frequently they would set up easels together and paint the passing ships and landscapes with the village of Lauvacourt in the distance.

As a painter, Lauvray made friends with Renoir, Pissaro and Sisley.  He was in the
company of all the great masters of Giverny including Paul Cezanne.

Complete information on Abel Lauvray is available in the book Abel Lauvray (1870-1950) and the Catalogue Raisonne, both by Yves et Loinel Jaubert.  The book is available at all Wally Findlay Galleries.

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