Margarita Lozano

Margarita Lozano was born in in Paris in 1936, the daughter of a prominent Columbian diplomat and politician. Lozano’s artistic training began in 1953 at the Atelier Boissière, continued under Pio Eroli in Rome, and finally in New York where she studied painting, drawing and advertising. In 1957, she returned to Columbia where she enrolled at the School of Fine arts at the Universidad National where she studied under Eduardo Ramìez Villamizar and Fernando Botero.

Margarita Lozano’s extensive travels allowed her to study the works of the old masters at museums throughout the world. However, it was mainly Pierre Bonnard’s color and light that captured her spirit. In addition, Margarita Lozano’s love for Columbia and the lushness of its tropical nature became a major source of inspiration for her works. She continually revels in the dazzling illumination of the rural regions of her own country, with her her love for the lushness of its tropical nature being apparent in her works.

Margararita Lozano is a most accomplished colorist. Her work exudes not only a fascination but also a reverence for color. Lozano paints what she sees around her, and has the talent the bring the depth and the drama of nature to the fore in her paintings, highlighting the hot lowlands of Columbia and areas of rich jungle like vegetation.

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