Magi Puig

Magí Puig

b. 1966

Magi Puig was born in 1966, in Palou, a small 50 inhabitant village in Catalonia and studied art at the Sant-jordi University in Barcelona. He likes not only group scenes, mostly families on Spain’s sunny beaches, but also interiors and, above all, women’s portraits. Whatever the place, the seashore, the market, or even his studio, Magi PUIG aims at recreating an atmosphere, as personal and intimate as possible, and then fully integrating us in it. His art seeks sensuality through the models’ peaceful and languid attitudes and the sun’s heavy heat reflecting on the beach.

The work on the texture also is essential, as it strengthens the analogy with the smooth skin, the thin sand or the sweet and comfortable cloth on which Carme, his wife and muse, lies. Sensitive in general and visual in particular, Magi PUIG’, paintings genuinely evoke photography: air views, diving views, flat sweeping views, they all intrigue our eyes while they puzzle the perspective. They truly give life and movement to creations which invite us to joyful and dizzy escapades.

If there is something that defines Magí Puig’s painting, it is his treatment of light. His subjects, whether they are general shots of beaches and cities or individual characters, appear bathed in a dense and vibrant light, often with dazzling backlights that awaken powerful and penetrating colors. Great examples of this are his beaches, where sometimes we can only make out a few silhouettes cut out on a bright monochrome sand that merges with the sky and the sea.

Among his themes are those inspired by his travels, which take us to cities such as Paris, Venice or Havana; and countries such as Morocco, Vietnam or Senegal. His urban landscapes and skylines are some of his most singular works. In these he usually omits any human presence ─or leaves it in the background─ to focus on the architectures and alleys, and how the light falls on them. His Moroccan streets and markets create images that can evoke the courtyards of Fabrés or the oriental fantasies of Fortuny.

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