Findlay Galleries, an iconic 148-year old family art business founded in 1870 represents over 100 artists and artist estates with locations in both Palm Beach and New York.
Specializing in Impressionism, European Modernism, l’École de Rouen, l’École de Paris and 20th Century American Art,
with exclusive representation of Contemporary Artists and Artist Estates.

Current Exhibitions On View

Palm Beach

Dimitry Gerrman & Gen Paul

Motion & Expression

This exhibition features a collection of bronze and marble sculptures by contemporary Dimitry Gerrman along with the works on paper by Gen Paul, a French Expressionist whose unique vision made Willem De Kooning declare him the ‘original action painter”. Both artists create works full of rhythm and feeling. Their shared talent lies in their ability to create works that include stylized and simplified figures in deliberate motion. Dimitry Gerrman & Gen Paul exhibition will be on view at our Palm Beach Gallery through December.

Lluis Ribas


Findlay Galleries Palm Beach presents Spanish Contemporary Luminist Lluis Ribas. Born on December 28, 1949, in Masnou, Spain, a coastal town in the Maresme district near Barcelona, Ribas is one of the best-known luministas of contemporary Spanish art. His profound knowledge of the secrets of light, shade, and opaqueness are present throughout his work. His female forms are classics – brilliantly executed and exquisitely drawn. His palette contains a wide range of colors which give his paintings their great beauty.

New York

Naïve & Modern Primitives

New York Exhibition

Findlay Galleries is proud to present our December New York exhibition,  a collection of works by Naïve and Modern Primitive Painters, featuring works by gallery artists Henri Maik, Camille Bombois, Annette Ollivary, Gustavo Novoa, and Orville Bulman amongst others. Findlay Galleries has valued and presented the work of Modern Naïve painters since Walstein C. Findlay Jr. (Wally) expanded the company with his first Chicago location in 1931. Naïve & Modern Primitive Painters Exhibition will be on view December.

Ecole Normande

French Painters of the 19th and 20th Century

Findlay Galleries is an international leader in representing the artists of the School of Rouen and the School of Normandy. The exhibition will include works by Impressionists Camille Pissarro and Eugène Boudin,  School of Rouen painters Albert Lebourg, Alfred Dunet, Robert Antoine Pinchon and Pierre Dumont, as well as artists who have continued the Rouen influence into current times, including Albert Malet, Gaston Sébire and Isabelle de Ganay. Ecole Normande Exhibition is now on view at our Fifth Avenue Gallery.

Simeon Braguin

As the Artist sees it

Findlay Galleries is proud to present American Colorfield Master Simeon Braguin. Born in Ukraine in 1907, Simeon Braguin immigrated to New York to rise and become a great painter, illustrator, Vogue Art Director, Sailor, WWII spy, Collector and Philanthropist. Today, he is highly regarded as a member of the New York’s School of Painting. his work is unique, combining the playful wire-like lines of Cocteau with sensuous color shapes of Matisse in a way that makes them incomparable to any artist of the time.

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