Findlay Galleries Celebrates 150 years in the art business. A family business founded in 1870 representing over 100 artists and artist estates, with gallery locations in both Palm Beach and New York. Specializing in Impressionism, European Modernism, l’École de Rouen, l’École de Paris and 20th Century American Art, with exclusive representation of Contemporary Artists and Artist Estates.

Current Exhibitions On View

Palm Beach

Jean Dufy & Gen Paul

20th Century Masters

Findlay Galleries is pleased to announce its exhibition of recent acquisitions and gallery collection of works by Jean Dufy (1888 – 1964) and Gen Paul (1895 – 1975), two masters of the school of Paris.

Constantin Kluge

The Pictorial Poetry of Paris

Findlay Galleries Presents’ The Pictorial Poetry of Paris’, an exhibition from Post-Impressionist artist, Constantin Kluge.

In Kluge’s paintings, each element is given balance with space to tell its own part of the story. The sky is given ample room to provide an uninterrupted display of summer clouds or winter hues. Every reflection of light from a tree leaf is given as much voice as architectural detail in a beloved Parisian bridge. There is balance and harmony in each composition supported by a beautifully crafted foundation made of precise proportions, perspective, and form.

Beltrán Bofill

Mediterranean Figures

Findlay Galleries is proud to present an exhibition of Mediterranean Figurative oil paintings and serigraphs from acclaimed Spanish post-war Luminist, Beltrán Bofill. His paintings have an indescribable quality found in only dreams and memories. His works are vessels of time as they graciously allow the viewer to be fully immersed in the unique beauty of his vision. Explore the virtual viewing room

Multiples and Master Prints

Findlay Galleries is proud to present a collection of multiples and master prints from our modern masters and contemporary artists using various techniques such as lithographs, linocuts, and aquatints.

This collection celebrates a select few of Findlay’s acclaimed artists; Tadashi Asoma, Alexander Calder, Marc Chagall, Noe Canjura, Salvador Dali, Robert Indiana, Lee Krasner, Joan Miró, Henri Matisse, Henri Maik, Zvonimir Mihanovic Pablo Picasso, Lê Phổ, James Rosenquist, Gaston Sébire, and Frank Stella.

Tadashi Asoma

2020 Retrospective

Findlay Galleries is proud to present a retrospective exhibition from Japanese-American artist Tadashi Asoma. Asoma depicts rare moments in nature and figures in repose illuminated with sudden bursts of pure, brilliant color using a delicate touch and tone. His adaptive style never strays from his unique identity. His early work is bold, vibrant, and hard-edged, while his later works are fluid and serene, each reflecting the powerful moments in nature.

New York

Priscilla Heine

Recent Works 2020

Findlay Galleries is pleased to present its exhibition at Findlay Galleries, New York.

Heine’s approach is daring and intuitive. Her works are playful yet refined, and they command attention and intrigue. In this latest series, Heine’s varied compositional elements and techniques amalgamate to create delicately balanced, bold, and powerful organisms. Her organic, rich palette, coupled with her instinctive forms, absorb and engage the viewer.

Leonard Edmondson

A Collection of Works From The Fifties

Findlay Galleries is proud to present “A Collection of Works From The Fifties” by postwar abstractionist Leonard Edmondson. The exhibition focuses on Edmondson’s abstract surreal works from the 1950s. His works are allover compositions in which biomorphic shapes float through an atmosphere of soft color. His paintings and prints share a delicate line, a concern with the tonal gradations of textured backgrounds, and a refined elegance.

The Summer Survey

Findlay Galleries proudly presents an exhibition of contemporary artists displaying a wide breadth of formats, mediums, and styles. From Mary Sipp Green’s serene and vibrant landscapes to Ronnie Landfield’s expressive color field abstractions, from Michael Dunbar’s meticulous sculptures to Dimitry Gerrman’s emotion-filled bronzes and marble works; this carefully selected and diverse group is sure to include the perfect work of art for your collection.

American Abstractionists

New York

This exhibition enables the viewer and collector to discern the likeness, differences, and influences between abstract artists of various times and places. The exhibition includes Simeon Braguin, Byron Browne, John Ferren, Ward Jackson, Ronnie Landfield, Frank Lobdell, Leonard Nelson, and Jack Wright.

Ronnie Landfield

50th Anniversary Exhibition

Findlay Galleries is pleased announce Ronnie Landfield’s 50th Anniversary Exhibition

In 1969, Lyrical Abstractionist Ronnie Landfield mounted his first solo exhibition at The David Whitney Gallery in SoHo.  Findlay Galleries, Landfield’s exclusive representative since 2016, is pleased to celebrate this anniversary with a collection of recent work and never exhibited monumental works from throughout his career.

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