Findlay Galleries Celebrates 152 years in the art business. A family business founded in 1870 representing over 100 artists and artist estates, with gallery locations in both Palm Beach and New York. Specializing in Impressionism, European Modernism, l’École de Rouen, l’École de Paris and 20th Century American Art, with exclusive representation of Contemporary Artists and Artist Estates.

Current Exhibitions On View

Palm Beach

Constantin Kluge

A Master Painter of Paris

 Constantin Kluge was a Russian-born painter; he was well-traveled and educated and spent most of his time painting French Landscapes and the streets of Paris. He was well known for his paintings which captured the vibrance of café culture and its surroundings. In Kluge’s work, each element has the space to tell its own story.

Noah Landfield

Ephemeral Cities

Noah Landfield overlays architectural-like metropolitan renderings inspired by his visits to major cities and his reaction to the urban environment. He is intrigued by the possibility of visualizing energy and time in an artwork. In recent works, his approach has been more painterly and gestural, and his palette more vivid

Henrik Simonsen

To Grow

Born in the charming Danish countryside in 1974, Henrik Simonsen is a contemporary artist with a unique style. His work is inspired by traditional Scandinavian art and design, echoing nature with its bold shapes and vivid colors, imbuing the viewer with a surreal vision of the landscape. He prides himself on always hand-drawing elements and believes this to be central to the beauty of the work he produces. Slowly building up layers of pigment, he creates depth, and through it, the feeling that each work is a living, breathing phenomenon.

Amanda C. Ross

An Exhibition of Ceramic Works

Findlay Galleries proudly presents a collection of classically beautiful ceramic works by contemporary ceramicist Amanda C. Ross. Ross’ intricate ceramic sculptures denote a nuanced and deep understanding of form and color. While some of her sculptures burst with the exuberant hues of nature, others show an absence of color, highlighting her delicate form and technique.

New York

Approaching Modernity

Impressionism to Early Modernism

Findlay Galleries is proud to present Approaching Modernity, a special exhibition of nineteenth and early twentieth century masterworks by Georges Braque, Childe Hassam, Albert Lebourg, Henri Matisse and others. 

Ptolemy Mann

Thresholds II

Findlay Galleries is pleased to present the exhibition Thresholds II by Contemporary British artist Ptolemy Mann. Heavily influenced by Abstract Expressionism and architecture, Mann’s unique and time consuming approach to hand-dyed, large-scale woven artworks and abstract paintings express a deep sense of craftsmanship, emotion and precision through an abstract narrative.

Timeless Composition

Group Exhibition

Findlay Galleries is pleased to present the Timeless Composition: Traditional & Contemporary exhibition. This exhibition comprises pairs of paintings from different periods and reveals the surprising way two works can share compositional elements despite no thematic similarity or relation.  


Group Exhibition

Findlay Galleries is proud to present our Red Group Exhibition on view at Findlay Galleries, New York. Red is the 2nd iteration of our series of exhibitions focusing on the implications of colors and how they are used. The exhibition takes an in-depth look at the color red and how it is employed by our roster of artists, finding similarities in composition, mark-making, and overall feeling. 

California Abstractionists

Group Exhibition

This exhibition includes works from Leonard Edmondson, John Grillo, Frank Lobdell, Gordon Onslow Ford, Fritz Rauh and Jack Wright, all artists who have influenced and participated in the California Abstract Expressionist movement in various ways.

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