Findlay Galleries Celebrates 153 years in the art business. A family business founded in 1870 representing over 100 artists and artist estates, with gallery locations in both Palm Beach and New York. Specializing in Impressionism, European Modernism, l’École de Rouen, l’École de Paris and 20th Century American Art, with exclusive representation of Contemporary Artists and Artist Estates.

Current Exhibitions On View

Palm Beach

Tadashi Asoma

Master of Color

Asoma’s oeuvre covered a wide range of themes, such as his landscape vistas of the Hudson River (he lived for over twenty years in Garrison, NY), which was always complemented by his penchant for figurative compositions. Asoma found beauty through the arrangement of nuanced spaces, reflections, and patterns against brilliantly colored solid areas; through his artistry, those solid forms went from flat surfaces to becoming expanses of space.

Ptolemy Mann

Unconscious Color

In this exhibition, contemporary British artist Ptolemy Mann embarks on a deeper exploration of her fluid abstract forms and fluorescent palette. Building on her work with woven textile, Mann carries forward her interest in Abstract Expressionism, architecture, and color theory to large scale works on canvas and paper…

Ronnie Landfield

Recent Works

Findlay Galleries is proud to present an exhibition of Ronnie Landfield’s most recent works. Since his first exhibition in 1967, in his early twenties, Landfield has enjoyed a successful career as an artist whose lyrical abstractions have become icons of the color field movement. His works have been included in many private and museum collections, such as the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Museum of Modern Art, the Whitney Museum of American Art, and the Art Institute of Chicago. Findlay Galleries is the exclusive representative of Ronnie Landfield.

Charles Neal

The Pursuit of Color

The exhibition explores the significant role of color in a composition and its relationship to the themes Neal explores in his works, particularly the effect of time on subject and place. In addition to paintings that capture an impressionist en plein air moment, the exhibition includes works from his Alter-Realist series. These Alter Realist paintings are wide-ranging in their application of color theory, capturing a variety of tonalities.

New York

Alexander Calder

Maguey Fiber Tapestries & Multiples

Alexander Calder was a world-renowned abstract artist with a distinctive, unique style. He was mostly recognized for his invention of the mobile and his monumental stabile sculptures, but Calder also worked in various other mediums, both traditional and experimental. This exhibition focuses on Calder’s Maguey fiber tapestries supported by a selection of multiples from the Findlay Galleries collection.

Gaston Sébire

Les Fleurs Énormes

Sebire’s work is a faithful representation of the moment, presenting the viewer with balanced compositions that carefully consider the principles of floral design. At the same time, the color and form of the arrangements spring forth from within their vessels. These complex compositions appeal both to those seeking a more ‘contemporary’ aesthetic as well as those preferring more traditional styles…

Fritz Rauh

New York Exhibition

Findlay Galleries is pleased to now present an exhibition of paintings by German-American artist Fritz Rauh at our New York gallery location. His vibrant abstract works possess an organic quality with forms that imitate the rhythms of nature. Critics Rauh’s unique approach to canvas as a surface to be “opened” with color and shapes.

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