George Nemethy

George Nemethy

b. 1952

The Nemethy family presently consists of six artists, all pupils of their late father, a marine painter of high regard. The children, Julien, Albert Jr., George, Veronica, Kristina and twins Augustine and Georgina, grew up in Newburgh, New York, where they were all taught and inspired by their father. 

George, born in 1952, was greatly inspired by the Persian miniatures of his youth and by his studies during his extensive travels abroad. His paintings are defined by his devotion to balance of size and color, using them to create intimacy and solitude. He captures the essence of tranquility with his pastel waters and billowy clouds. 

Today, Nemethy’s works are rarely found in any depth. Sailors, curators and collectors worldwide have followed him from country to seaport, to beach resorts, to isolate islands, all in hope of collecting his most recent colors of the sea.

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