Charles Neal

Charles Neal

b. 1951

Charles Neal was born in Surrey in 1951. He lived in Wallington and nearby Beddington until his move to the Cottswolds in 1983. From the age of 14 he studied art and worked under the guidance of Malcolm Domingo and Frances Lane-Mason for ten years.

Neal recognized that the world is constantly changing, and felt a need to record nature, the countryside and the coastline before they change beyond recognition. Seasonal change, time of day, different combinations of light and atmospheric effects all offer the artist a real challenge. Neal responds to this challenge unreservedly – his ability to see nature and convert it into art with a sympathetic blend of realism, inspired impressionism, and in particular his sense of color has made his work much sought after by collectors throughout the world.

Charles Neal has traveled widely in England and France looking for new aspects of the landscape in all its moods. Gloucestershire, where he lives now with his wife and family, has been a source of endless inspiration.

Neal has exhibited in London and New York and his work has been hung at the Royal Society of British Artists and is represented in many private and corporate collections. Neal was honored when, in 1994, The Prince of Wales came to open his Painted Gar- den Exhibition at The Museum of Garden History. The Coastline Exhibition organized in conjunction with the National Trust followed this. This exhibition recorded on canvas the many different aspects of the English coastal landscape and furthered Enterprise Neptune’s campaign to preserve the unique English coastline.

While painting, Charles Neal becomes completely submerged in his subject matter and dedicated to his passion. He creates an astonishing variety of Impressionistic paintings, all of which are bathed in light and shadows captivating the viewer.

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