Findlay Galleries, an iconic 147-year old family art business founded in 1870 represents over 100 artists and artist estates with locations in both Palm Beach and New York.
Specializing in Impressionism, European Modernism, l’École de Rouen, l’École de Paris and 20th Century American Art,
with exclusive representation of Contemporary Artists and Artist Estates.

Current Exhibitions On View

Palm Beach

Barbara Grad

Frequently Asked Questions

This Exhibition focuses on Barbara Grad’s recent paintings that reference the changing nature of life through organic, colorful forms.  Her patterns evoke water, mountains and seas transforming around us. “Frequently Asked Questions” Exhibition is now on view at the Palm Beach Gallery.

Charles Neal

Art & Place

Every place or parcel of land has a history; an evolutionary tract, to arrive at its present form as we experience it today which then becomes our heritage. Some locations seem to be of no real significance in our time, yet often should we delve into the history of a place and be surprised.  

Henrik Simonsen Danish Contemporary Artist

Natural Elements

The works of Henrik Simonsen connect the viewer with the mysterious and almost magical side of nature. His paintings, while exacting in detail and technically virtuous, are truly about the spirit behind that which man did not create.

New York

Asia Week

New York

Findlay Galleries and Robert Kuo are pleased collaborate in Asia Week 2018 with Art in the Age of Displacement. This unique exhibition and panel discussion examines the visual impact of the radical disruption that transpired during the tumult of the Communist Revolution.

Master Drawings Exhibition

Findlay Galleries

Masters Drawings New York (MDNY) is the pre-eminent event for exhibiting and celebrating old master through contemporary drawings in the United States. Findlay Galleries showcase their highest quality drawings along the Upper East Side of Manhattan.

Ronnie Landfield Dual Exhibition New York

Recent Works

Findlay Galleries is delighted to present the latest collection from renowned American Color-Field painter, Ronnie Landfield.  This solo exhibition featuring a selection of deep and mysterious works is presented at Fifth Avenue location in New York.

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